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Helen Blondel

About Helen

Take your event to the next level with authentic belly dance entertainment by the one and only Helen! She is known for her earthy, expressive and vibrant performances; a true natural on & off stage she has a memorizing and genuine presence felt by every member of her audience. Originally from sunny Miami, Helen Blondel has performed at a myriad of venues in Central & South Florida, including Kababi Cafe, Cleopatra Lounge, Hookita Lounge, Taverna Opa, Cedar's Lebanese Cuisine, & Dar Tagine. She has also appeared on Televised programs such as "Despierta America" and "Sabado Gigante" on Univision as a dancer and is a recent member of the MBC 2018 award-winning Belly Motions RAKettes Dance Company.

With her Brazilian/Panamanian heritage and training by some of the best Middle Eastern dancers in the world, Helen is well versed in various styles of Middle Eastern Dance, and passionate about providing quality entertainment to her clients. Her specialties include Traditional Oriental Belly Dance, Modern Belly Dance, Egyptian Folkloric/Baladi, Veil, Wings, Saidi w Cane/Raqs al Assaya, Zills, Fan Veils, & Khaleegi.

Helen Blondel is the former Belly Dance Instructor of Florida International University recreation in Miami and now residing in Orlando, she looks forward to sharing her art all over Central Florida.

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Master Dancers Helen has trained under

*Tito Seif (Egypt)

*Jillina (USA) 

*Jihan Jamal (USA)

*Ilham (Morocco)

*Virginia Mendez (USA)

*Saida Helou (Argentina)

*Anna Borisova (Russia)

*Portia Lange (USA)

*Ozgen Ozgec (Turkey)

*Alla Vatc (Russia)

*Yesenia Lauzurique (USA)


*Veil *Zills/Finger Cymbals *Cane 

*Fan Veils *Wings


*Traditional Oriental Belly Dance

*Modern Egyptian Belly Dance

*Folkloric/ Baladi

*Saidi/ Raqs Al Assaya