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Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure of where to go from here before *contacting me? Take a look at the most common questions asked by clients & students.

Where did you learn to belly dance?

-I've studied under numerous master dancers from around the world for many years. Please visit my About page to learn more about who I've trained under, as well as some of my credentials as a dancer.

Do you offer fire shows/fire breathing or sword shows?

-No, but I do offer belly dance shows with other fun, glamorous, and safe props appropriate for every occasion & setting! Click here for the full list of props to choose from.

Are you available for Zaffas? I did not see it specified in your list of services.

-Yes, I am available for Zaffa entrances. The price is included in my basic rate unless a costume change or specialty prop is requested. Contact me for more information.

How does payment work?

-Once the performance or class is booked and confirmed by both myself and the client, I will email an agreement for the client to sign and date. I require a deposit for all services offered. The service is not set/confirmed until I receive both the signed agreement and the deposit. The remainder of the total is due to me by the day of the performance/ class before the performance or lesson begins. I reserve the right to cancel any performance or lesson on the spot if payment is not received by showtime. If the client needs to cancel the booking for whatever reason, they may cancel up to 7 days prior to the scheduled booking and receive a refund of their deposit. If cancellation is made less than 7 days prior to the booking, the deposit is nonrefundable. For general service pricing, add-on rates, and travel compensation requirements, click here.

I would like you to sing at my event but your singer rate is not included in the Services page. How much do you charge?

-Since pricing for musical performances vary widely depending on a number of factors, I ask that anyone requesting my event singing services please do so by contacting me for a personalized quote.

I know someone who charges less to belly dance or sing at events. Can you charge me less/ honor the price?

-The rates I charge are reflective of my experience, multiple years of training (over a decade, to be exact), professionalism, and investment into premium attire, props, and continued master instruction that ensures top quality entertainment for you and your guests. While you may find cheaper entertainment out there, the factors above are not guaranteed, and most dancers with similar experience as myself charge the same rates as me, and sometimes more. For this reason, my rates are firm for all entertainment and teaching services, without exception.

I want to learn belly dance, but I am self-conscious about my body. What if this is not for me?

-The great thing about belly dance is that it is not limited to a certain physical type. You are not too overweight, too skinny, too tall, too short, or too old to start. The only thing required to learn this wonderful style of dance is a positive attitude and come ready to have fun!

Do you speak any other languages?

-Aside from English, I speak Portuguese and Spanish.

Why don't you dance at Bachelor parties or all male events?

-This is a choice that I, along with numerous other professional belly dancers, make in order to ensure the integrity of belly dance as an art form as well as to protect our safety.

Do you accept tips?

-Tips are always welcomed! They may be presented to me in an envelope before I leave the booking venue. During the show I also accept tips in the form of cash being handed to me directly, or in the form of a "money shower". Read this wonderful article by Sarah Skinner on Tipping Etiquette:

*Please refrain from contacting Helen to ask questions already answered in the F.A.Q. 

Question not answered in the F.A.Q.?

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